LTL freight forwarding service

LTL Freight Forwarding

LTL freight forwarding services provide businesses with practical and reliable pallet shipping solutions for their merchandise shipments. For companies needing their own transportation services, utilizing an LTL freight forwarding service saves time, money, and a lot of hassle. In the following lines, we will explain what this service entails and how CGO Forwarding Mexico offers it!

How LTL Freight Forwarding Service works

LTL stands for less-than-truckload, meaning your shipment is consolidated with other customers into one truckload so you can get more bang for your buck. The freight forwarder will handle everything from preparation, labeling, and transport to final delivery at the destination. This makes companies that depend on timely deliveries more efficient. 

The types of industries that benefit most from this method include manufacturing companies exporting raw materials or finished products; e-commerce stores shipping out large orders to multiple destinations; and medical, construction, and technology companies needing fragile fabrics shipped safely to locations around the world. An important aspect to remember is that when using an LTL Freight Forwarder, you may receive a lower rate than if you shipped it yourself since they negotiate lower rates based on these high volumes.

For companies wanting to ship overseas via LTL, various procedures must be adhered to by officials of foreign countries, like customs clearance & documentation filling up, among others. An LTL freight forwarder company, like CGO Forwarding, can handle these. They are highly experienced with the international rules & regulations that must be adhered to when items travel across borders, ensuring the successful completion of each order in a compliant manner and delivery successfully at the chosen location.

CGO Forwarding México is offering In Bond LTL Service with Bordematic

“In-Bond Transportation Solution. The Fastest And Most Reliable Cross-Border LTL Service Between Mexico And USA.”

This is the slogan that CGO Forwarding México uses to show its newest service, Bordematic. To know more about what this entails:

From USA To Mexico:

  • Offering a scheduled direct LTL Road Feeder service from our assigned cargo hubs in Dallas, Houston & Los Angeles to Monterrey, Guadalajara, Queretaro, and Mexico City. 
  • Once the freight clears, Mexican Customs and CGO can provide the final mile delivery for an additional fee if requested. 
  • By eliminating the traditional border clearance process, it also eliminates all the costs and delays associated today with the old conventional way of moving freight to Mexico. 

From Mexico To USA:

  • Offering a scheduled LTL Road Feeder Service from Monterrey, Guadalajara, Queretaro, and Mexico City airports to the Dallas and Miami distribution centers for on-forwarding to the final destination. 
  • The exporter’s Mexican customs broker emits an export pediment for the carrier to get the freight into the airport. The export customs clearance is conducted at the origin airport. 
  • While the shipments are en route in Mexico, an I.T. on each load is issued using the carrier’s U.S. bond and crosses the border upon arrival. 

 But, using a professional LTL freight forwarder offers cost-effective shipping solutions tailored to meet individual client’s needs without having to organize numerous deliveries and reduce the overhead costs involved. 

This allows businesses to grow by improving their supply chain processes directly or indirectly, saving them valuable time while focusing on other areas. That way, owners can take full advantage of the cost-effectiveness and reliability offered by an LTL Freight Service center like CGO Forwarding México. 

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LTL Freight Forwarding



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