Custom Brokerage

At CGO Forwarding México we prioritize the legal security of our clients. That is why we have import and export companies with more than 60 years working with us, since we take care of every last detail before crossing each shipment, ensuring an operation free of incidents or subsequent legal problems in the electronic audits carried out. by the SAT.

We can proudly say that our records before the customs authority regarding incidents or Administrative Procedures in Customs Matters (PAMA) are impeccable, which gives you high security when working with us. Our average rate of customs recognitions (red light) is below 1% with respect to our operational volume in all customs offices, this is because of the prestige of the patents with which we provide the customs service.

We offer legal services in all customs related issues that go beyond the simple clearance process. We provide pre and post-customs clearance legal support for any legal matters such as answering evidence and pleadings, revocation appeals, formal trails of nullity and “amparos” (protection orders).


CGO Forwarding Mexico can set up a brokerage account with the registered importer and provide the customs clearance service, making the process more seamless with one point of contact.

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